## posted 1998
## Senior Satch posted 2001
## Rest in peace 2014

Satch the Dog Faced Boy
and how I came to know him

The Early Years
footloose and free in Florida

The Journey Westward
high adventure in the high country

Santa Cruzin'
Living the California dream

Keepin Satch down
the struggle continues

Satch the Scrapper
tales of an angry young man

To know him is to love him
the many bitches who have held his paw

Dressed to Kill
the ever stylish world of Satch

Friends of Satch
testimony from his compatriots in this dog eat dog world

The Truest Love of Satch
and why he digs hanging with the boys

Senior Satch
Years of Peace and Prosperity

Rest In Peace Satch
I loved that dog