Call him Satch the demur.
He knows how to party. From his early days in Florida and then Santa Cruz, his sense of style followed a more rustic sensibility, a "hippie chic" presentation combined with Northern California Surfer apparel. When he is dressed for the occasion, he consistently dresses for success, displaying his penchant for sophistication. Trends come and go, but this dog was grunge before grunge was cool. He's gone through many collars of different colors, in his early years preferring the sassy red which went so well with his black fur to his later green phase which only serves to compliment his mellowing sensibility. Though his hair style has remained the same throughout his years, he does take showers every six months or so which serve to enhance the natural vitality and sheen of his coat.

On special occasions, he is inclined to dress in costume and step out on the town. Halloween is a special occasion for the residents of San Francisco and Satch is no exception. His "cat ears" and tye dye costume is a hit with the ladies every time.

He serves as a model to us all as to how to party and have a good time. His motto, "If the ears fit, wear them", makes him a hit every Halloween. In August 1997, the old man had a pancreatic episode after eating Boston Chicken from the garbage can. He threw up for six hours until I took him to the animal hospital where they put him on an IV. 600 dollars later, he was fine, but the vet warned me to put him on a low fat diet. He has since begun a diet which consists of white rice, 7% turkey, non-fat cottage cheese, oats and peas & carrots. As a result, Satch has lost about 17 pounds and is looking as stylish and trim as ever. I believe it is safe to say that we can expect further fashion breakthroughs as this boy's ever creative sense of style continues to discover innovative designs.

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