A man of such distinction, Satch has had many loyal friends through the years. Though he smells of many women, his paw is always extended for those who he can call mate, comrade, hombre, brother. To know him is to know a feeling of greatness. He is well known for his compassion and kindness and his home is always open to friends and family. He also has great parties.

Being a dog of the world, Papa Satch is known to his friends by many names, Satchel, Satch Man, the Satchmeister. Many have noted that if he were in the navy he'd be a rear admiral.

Such is the life of Satch. He still corresponds regularly with Max and Honey in Florida, though he hasn't seen Odie since his early dog days. San Francisco provides him with a constant flow of animal buddies. He spends the night at Rick's house on nights when we're just too tired to go home and there he hangs with Rick & Shane's cats. Seven is a long, luxurious, drooling sex kitten named after a Chinese prostitute. Cassady Lenny Brundelfly III is a scrapper who is the definition of a perpetually "angry young man". Wallace is a psycho kitty who hides out most of the time, only coming out to join the party for a few minutes at a time to spit and convulse then flee at the slightest provocation back beneath Shane's bed.

Dogs come and visit him on a regular basis. Pepper and Kayla used to hang out until they moved to Colorado. Melinda's dog, Sam the Giant Poodle, comes over every once in a while. Sierra, a street dog, kicked it for a while, sleeping on the couch. Izzy the pug lives downstairs and frequents our house, usually on the weekend, grunting about in search of cookies.

He has fathered kittens with Rick's cat seven and raised the boy George as a young kitten. George grew up as a young kitten here at the Dead Head Bed & Breakfast and now lives in an upscale neighborhood at Bernal Heights with Father Dan.

His best friend in the Bay Area is undoubtedly Willie Frood the mighty humpin dog. Satch and Will have spent many a day at the beach while Willie humps on old Satch's back. Their zany exploits were captured in the 1996 collection of forced couplets, Satch & Willie. Willie's folks, Kerry & Mister Frood now live in Oakland where they are planning their wedding. Satch regularly frequents the Panhandle where he hangs with a variety of hounds; Rocko, Maggie, Miles, Zack, Jake, and Dino. At the Panhandle, he chases kongs and balls, chews sticks, rolls in the mud and sniffs for gophers. Sometimes our friend Sam who lives across the street takes Satch on walks with her dog, Ellie. Satch digs Ellie and has her over for sleepovers whenever Sam goes out of town.

His best friend out of town is JG in Sacramento who he sees every Thanksgiving. Satch likes JG. Last Thanksgiving he went up to Sac, and spent so much time humping the young boy that his senior hips were sore the next day.

What can he say? Satch is a cool dude who people and animals love to hang with. If you're reading this web site, you've probably hung with the old man and know what we're saying. If not, stop by sometime and meet this wonder pup. The door to his doghouse is always open.

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