Satch's Long and illustrious career as a ladies man can only be explained by the fact that he exudes raw animal magnetism. He is the Gentleman, the Gentle Bear, the Black Man, a Scratchimo. Whether he's steppin' out on the town, or hanging at the home, he's the man. Call him the man about town. Call him Don Juan de Satchmo. He's romanced the poodle and the pit. Marlon Brando may very well have summed up Satch's very own experience when he said, "I have loved a lot of women in my life. Nor does it matter that with every woman, my relationships have ended up in nothing. I've faced love every time as a necessary good, or a necessary evil."

Part of Satch's allure lies in the fact that he has mastered the art of being "Confident yet vulnerable". One moment he may be chasing a squirrel, barking at the door or staring into space, the next he may be begging at your feet for any infernal scrap you will pass to him or staring at you with his leash in his mouth as if to say, "If only you will take me to the park, I will then be your lover forever." He has a certain panache, a savoir faire. When he was a young man women remarked on the handsome splash of white on his chest, as he has matured, it is the distinguished gray around his muzzle that attracts them to him. Chicks dig him.

He and I moved from Santa Cruz to Oakland then we moved to the Castro and then to Berkeley. He's "done" the Bay Area. When we lived in Berkeley, our roommate Sarah would take him out on the town with her. She took a cab and always asked for the same guy who would let her bring Satch. He slept with her many nights, curled up in her little room in the back of our house. In the Castro, he was known as a "Daddy Bear" to the Pekingese and Cocker Spaniels that lived on our street. They loved him for his butchness. We used to visit Humbolt County where he met the Akita pups with whom he had a short affair. I worked at the Church Street Station then at a Law Office while Satch spent many days and nights on the town. He was back in the city, his true element of sophistication and shall we say, cosmopolitan atmosphere. It was here that he developed his love for fashion. His many admirers referred to him with such phrases as "tragically hip" and "terminally chic".

Being the man about town did have its downside. Innuendo and hearsay followed him wherever he went. He may have been in many questionable circumstance with women, but at no time did Satch have an affair with Monica Lewinsky. The many women who have loved him have written a vast array of "tell all" books about their torrid affairs with the boy. In her book, Satchmo, the dog behind the myth, Kitty Kelly writes,

"He was a dog of such distinction that I dared not let any one in on the fact that our relationship had moved beyond sharing cookies in the park or sniffing homeless. Our affair was torrid. The nights we spent together, him curled at my feet, laying in my arms and licking my toes, were beyond anything I had ever spent with Frank."

Linda Tripp, in her book, Satch and Me writes,

"Our affair took on a steamy, rancous air. One day as he was preparing to meet the ambassador from the Netherlands, he and I made torrid love in an elevator at the embassy. He will deny it, but I hold him dear in my heart as the greatest lover I have ever known."

Allegations of infidelity dogged his public life. When he was involved with any of his high profile bitches, there was always an under current of innuendo regarding his latest female conquest. Some maintain that Danielle Steel indirectly describes her short lived love affair with Satch in her book, "Passion", when she writes,

"...he pressed his rock hard chest against mine, my breasts heaving, covered with the sweat from our lovemaking. I ran my fingernails across his hairy back as he rubbed his muzzle into the nape of my neck. We were in ecstasy. Finally, after all the years his incessant begging, I was the one getting a bone."

Satchmo may be just an object of desire for most of the women of the world, but to know him is to love him. His reputation as a ladies man is unparalleled.

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